About us

Hester - Safer Logistics


Hester’s philosophy comes from the thorough understanding of the requirements regarding industrial re-usable packaging solutions. It is based on quick responses to your enquiries and orders, matching solutions to market demands and our partners’ products and cost optimisation.


Hester boasts over 20 years experience in the area of industrial packaging as well as custom-made solutions for healthcare and rescue services, the military, extreme sports and technical material sewing industries. An added value for the clients is the complete project service we provide, supporting their needs from the concept phase, through the technically advanced production process, to any additional services needed. Our convenient location, in the south-west of Poland, facilitates our co-operation with domestic and international partners.


Hester’s resources allow us to support large-scale projects and order fulfilment of 250 000 textile pockets per year. Our experience, innovative approach and management system has resulted in our sales increasing by 20-30% per year. photo


Hester co-operates with leading European technical fabrics suppliers. Our production is based on state-of-the-art industrial machinery and the newest cutting technologies and production processes. Our product design and technology development is fully supported by the use of CAD/CAM systems. The digital design platform facilitates quick implementation as well as digital communication in accordance with our Clients’ needs.


Hester’s quality policy is based on quality management standards according to ISO. Our company’s philosophy and strategic goals are innovation, using the highest standards of internal and design procedures, efficient resource management and environmentally-friendly activities.