Standard and dedicated steel transport containers intended for large components ensure a high level of protection during transport and storage. Hester’s textile packaging systems, integrated with a steel structure allow for the transport of large and fragile parts without compromising ergonomics. The packaging construction and advanced textile materials allow for achieving high loading parameters and durability. The partition and closure systems provide additional protection from the elements, even in applications with no textile pockets.


Large plastic containers used for loading with forklifts, are the most popular choice for medium and large parts. Hester’s textile pocket systems assure complete integration with containers made using different technologies and foldable solutions. The shape of the pockets/partitions, which exactly matches the shape of the parts transported, and the advanced textile materials protect fragile components which are plastic, upholstered, coated or demand ESD protection. Dedicated suspension systems facilitate the containers’ adaptability and the use of containers in circulation.


Plastic containers with base dimensions up to 800×600 mm are used for transport and storage of small and medium-sized parts. Hester’s textile pockets provide protection for fragile components made of plastic, those which are lacquered and metallised, or require ESD protection as well as facilitate ergonomic loading and unloading. The pocket construction offers optimal fit for standard 300×400, 400×600 and 800×600 containers as well as non-standard sized solutions; in addition, the shape and the textile choice ensure complete protection of the parts transported. Various methods of fixing the pockets allow for suitable application integration with the containers. This makes it possible to use foldable containers and non-standard solutions.


Piping and module systems are a perfect choice when searching for flexibility and the lowest weight possible of the transportation system. Hester’s textile packaging ensures complete integration with standard system solutions and their components. The highest level of protection is guaranteed by the optimal design of the packaging and the textile material selection. The ergonomics and the specific requirements of the process and assembly line are met while maintaining options for quick reassembly.